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ECOWAS Strengthens Regional Strategies and Capacities for Combating Crime with Successful Workshop

02 Apr, 2024

Abuja, Nigeria, March 29, 2024- The ECOWAS Early Warning Directorate (EWD) has concluded a highly successful Human Security Thematic Workshop on Crime and Criminality, held from March 26–29, 2024, at the Straton Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria.

The workshop brought together Crime and Criminality Analysts from national centres, representatives from regional organisations, and experts in the field to discuss strategies for enhancing human security and combating crime within the ECOWAS region.

Over the course of four days, participants engaged in intensive discussions, interactive sessions, and practical exercises aimed at deepening their understanding of crime dynamics, analysing emerging threats, and developing effective early warning and response mechanisms. The workshop featured a comprehensive curriculum covering topics such as the link between crime and conflict, challenges in combating crime sustainably, geo-spatial analysis, and joint analytical product development.

“We are delighted with the outcomes of the workshop and the level of engagement demonstrated by all participants,” said H.E. Damtien L. TCHINTCHIBIDJA, the Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission. “Through collaborative efforts and knowledge-sharing, we have strengthened our collective capacity to address crime and enhance human security in the ECOWAS region.”

The workshop emphasised the importance of partnerships between state and non-state actors, particularly traditional and grassroot community organizations. Participants also explored ways to leverage the unique strengths of each type of actor to create more effective and holistic crime prevention strategies. It also highlighted the role of data-driven strategies and the need for improved intelligence sharing to address the growing challenge of transnational organised crime.

Going forward, participants agreed to develop joint periodic reports on major challenges affecting member states.

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