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ECOWAS Highlights Achievements in Energy Production Across the Region

02 Apr, 2024

ECOWAS Highlights Achievements in Energy Production Across the Region


Mr. Sediko Douka, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy & Digitalization, showcased various initiatives during the ECOWAS weekly engagement with regional media, highlighting ECOWAS’s commitment to addressing energy challenges in the sub-region. This engagement served as a platform to demonstrate ECOWAS’s multifaceted approach beyond political matters, emphasizing its role in regional economic integration through program and project implementation.


Key challenges outlined by Mr. Douka included deficiencies in electricity production and transmission, high tariffs, limited energy access in rural areas, and underdeveloped renewable energy sources. In response, ECOWAS established specialized agencies such as the West African Power Pool (WAPP), Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERERA), Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE), and West African Gas Pipeline Authority (WAGPA).


These agencies have been instrumental in implementing various programs, including: the implementation of the WAPP Master Plan (2019-2033) which involves 75 regional projects and the construction of 23,000 km of power interconnection lines and the generation of 16,000 MW of electricity. The launch and operationalization of the Regional Electricity Market in 2018, which promotes regional cooperation and trade in electricity, fostering a more integrated energy market, the promotion of renewable energies and the diversifying energy sources to improve sustainability. ECOWAS is also working tirelessly to enhance access to electricity for both on-grid and off-grid networks.


The media briefing concluded with a questions and answers session, where Commissioner Douka addressed queries from journalists.


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