Authority of Heads of States

The Authority of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS is the supreme institution of the Community and is composed of Heads of State and/or Government of Member States. The Authority is responsible for the general direction and control of the Community and takes all measures to ensure its progressive development and the realisation of its objectives.


The Authority is responsible for the determination of the general policy and major guidelines of the Community, give directives, harmonises and co-ordinates the economic, scientific, technical, cultural and social policies of Member States. The Authority oversees the functioning of Community institutions and follow-up the implementation of Community objectives.


The Authority appoints the President of the Commission in accordance with the provisions of the ECOWAS Revised Treaty.


The office of the Chairman of the Authority is held every year by a Member State elected by the Authority.


The Authority acts by decisions and the decisions of the Authority are adopted, depending on the subject matter under consideration by unanimity consensus or, by a two-thirds majority of the Member States. Decisions of the Authority are binding on the Member States and Institutions of the Community.


Member States