D1 Director Internal Audit (Email for applications: directoria@ecowas.int)

22 Dec, 2018

D1 Director Internal Audit

JOB TITLE Director of Internal Audit
INSTITUTION Auditor General
ANNUAL SALARY 38814 UA –  48222 UA
DIRECTORATE Internal Audit
LINE SUPERVISOR Auditor General of ECOWAS Institutions
  • Principal Auditor ( Commission + Agencies)
  • Principal Auditor ( Institutions, Agencies and Offices)
  • Office Manager
  • Office Aide

Responsible for the overall functioning of the Directorate of Internal Audit of the Office of the Auditor General and its operation, development and the coordination of its Audit activities and implement comprehensive internal audit programs covering all risks relating to the applicable areas of intervention and in line with applicable professional standards, guidelines and planning.


·         Assist the Auditor General in providing strategic leadership for audit activities and support the Auditor General in the fulfilment of the oversight responsibilities of the office. This will be done through preparation of the strategic and annual audit plans of all Institutions and Agencies as well as their risk assessments.

·         Prepare an Internal Audit strategy based on matters decided upon through a comprehensive Risk Assessment. As appropriate, update the Risk Assessment and Audit Plan during the year in response to developments in the global operating environment.

·         Oversee timely and accurate reporting on deficiencies, control gaps and the status and remediation of Audit Findings.

·         Review reports that reflect audit results and document process.

·         Support the strengthening of the control environment, through Governance, Risk Management and Compliance and other Risk Management tools.

·         Ensure the coordination of work of the Principal Internal Auditors with their teams.

·         Oversee the development of an infrastructure of Audit methodology process, tools, and communication of Audit Results and Business Advisory consultations that are efficient and effective to support a high functioning Internal Audit Directorate.

·         Assist in the coordination of audit activities as per the Internal Audit Charter and Internal Audit Manual.

·         Supervise subordinate Auditors in the performance of Audit engagements in line with the acceptable International Standards.

·         Prepare, document audit process, present objective reports that reflect audit results, make reasonable and objective recommendations on the systems and procedures being reviewed and monitor management’s response and implementation.

·         Assist the Auditor General to advise top management and the Audit Committee/ Council of Ministers on Audit, and Internal Control matters.

·         Follow up on audit findings to ensure that management has taken corrective action(s).

·         Develop the skills and abilities of all team members, with the result that they perform to their highest potential and optimize their current and future job performance.

·         Assists and trains other audit staff in the use of computerized audit techniques, and in developing methods for review and analysis of computerized information systems as well as succession plans

·         Perform any other tasks as directed by the Auditor General.



3.1 Education

·         Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Business Administration, Finance, Accounting or related field is required.

·         Certification as a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA) or equivalent from a university of recognized standing.

o    Work experience

·         Knowledge of Business and Management principles involved in Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, Resource allocation, Human Resources Management, Leadership Technique, Production methods, and Coordination of people and resources.

·         12 years progressively responsible experience in the mentioned   field or related field including 6 years of international work experience and 5 years at a supervisory level;

·         Knowledge of all aspects of Auditing, Management and the Technical field of oversight;

·         Professional knowledge and competence to conduct and supervise complex internal audits, review work of others and to produce internal audit reports.

·         In-depth experience with risk analysis and control assessment technique and internal controls.

·         Sufficient knowledge of SAP or similar ERP Systems.


5.1 Citizenship and age

·         Must be a citizen of any country in the ECOWAS Community

·         The maximum age for the recruitment in a professional position is 50 years old. This rule does not apply to existing employees.

5.2 Languages

·         Proficient in oral and written languages of French, English or Portuguese and a working knowledge of a second language.

Applications should be sent to: directoria@ecowas.int

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