Recruitment of senior power engineer to support the RCU during the project implementation

20 Sep, 2023



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Recruitment of senior power engineer to support the RCU during the project implementation




Closing Date: 4th, October 2023 at 5:00 pm GMT

Contract: Time Based

Project reference No.: P167569

  1. In order to improve the population access to electricity, ECOWAS is working for the establishment of a regional electricity market through the development of power generation and transmission infrastructure, and its intensifying initiative related to the access to electricity. Thus, ECOWAS initiated, with the support of World Bank, the Regional Electricity Access Project (REAP) to be implemented in the form of a series of projects to gradually cover 11 countries including 9 of the ECOWAS.
  2. Phase 1 of the REAP, entitled ECOWAS-REAP, covers The Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Mali. The objective is to allow 2.04 million people to benefit from electricity services. The funding is 225 million USD. Components of ECOWAS-REAP are (i) Design, supply and installation of the electricity distribution infrastructures, (ii) supervision of the construction and technical advisory and (iii) project coordination and technical assistance. The project has created National Project Implementation Unit (PIU) in each country involved and a Regional Coordination Unit (RCU) housed in the Directorate of Energy and Mines.
  3. Then, Phase 2 of the REAP, entitled Regional Electricity Access and Battery Energy Storage Technology Project (BEST) started preparation in 2022. It covers Mauritania, Niger, and Senegal for the “Access” component and Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Niger for the “Battery” component. The objective is to increase people’s access to electricity and to contribute to stability and better energy flow in the WAPP transmission system. The funding is 465 million USD. All components of BEST are (i) Design, supply and installation of electricity distribution infrastructure, (ii) design, supply and installation of BEST equipment, (iii) supervision of the construction and technical advisory, and (iv) project coordination and technical assistance. National Project Implementation Units (PIU) have also been created in each country involved.
  4. Among the experts of the RCU are Power Engineers, to provide some services and work closely with other engineers in the Owners’ Engineer team and in the national Project Implementation Units (PIU), then report to the RCU Coordinator. The RCU set up for ECOWAS-REAP was also entrusted to coordinate the BEST project, and it has become imperative to reinforce the RCU. In line with the above, ECOWAS Commission, in relation to the World Bank, plans to recruit a senior power engineer for the Access component of BEST Project for the Regional Coordination Unit (RCU).
  5. The consultant’s services (“the services”) include the following, as indicated below during One (01) year period extensible based on satisfactory performance, including a probation period of three (03) months with time base contract.
  6. The Senior power engineer responsibility will be to contribute to project technical preparation and ensure project technical supervision and monitoring of the construction works.  Activities to be performed by the Senior electrical Engineer include but are not limited to the following:
  7. Assist in the project preparation particularly in aspects related to the design of distribution line and substation work, equipment specifications, protection and control, and other technical aspects under the general management of the RCU Coordinator.
  8. Provide engineering support to the PIUs and RCU Coordinators during the project management and construction works.
  9. Review all technical documents relating to project design, technical specifications, and construction schedule submitted by Contractors and ensure strict control for project technical aspects.
  10. Ensure the technical regional coordination of the project in connection with the Power Engineers of the national PIU of beneficiary countries and of the Owners’ Engineer.
  11. Contribute in bidding documents and contracts preparation, ensure that they include all technical issues and applicable international standards and participate to bidding evaluation process.
  12. Attend Factory Acceptance Tests, and inspect the quality, and quantity of equipment.
  13. Supervise the installation of infrastructure to ensure their conformity with approved design and drawing.
  14. Supervise commissioning conducted on power equipment and infrastructure and issue reports.
  15. Follow up on correspondences between the Owners’ Engineer, Contractors, national PIUs and the other stakeholders.
  16. Monitor the implementation of the project schedule to ensure adherence with the project timeline;
  17. Review the reporting from Contractors and Owners’ Engineer;
  18. Check and certify the invoices of Owners’ Engineers and contractors.
  19. Monitor the implementation of the Quality Management Plan set up by contractors and safety arrangements during works (Personal protective equipment, Staff certifications to handle specific electricity-related tasks, etc.);
  20. Collect all relevant information on the construction, anticipate and identify problems and risks arising and recommend necessary actions to the RCU and project financiers.
  21. Assess and advise on all proposed technical variations and report on justification or otherwise of claims.
  22. Respond effectively to any other tasks assigned by the RCU Coordinator.
  23. Contribute to elaborate annual work plans, annual budgets, as well as the quarterly, biannual, and annual reports of the project.
  24. Assist the RCU Coordinator in supervising contractors’ performance in handling technical issues, then provide corrective instructions as needed.
  25. Assist the RCU Coordinator in the preparation of World Bank missions of supervision, meetings of the Technical Committees, and that of the Steering Committee.
  26. Undertake any other activities, as instructed by ECOWAS Director of Energy and Mines.
  1. Qualifications skills and experience

Qualifications and skills

  1. Must hold a Master’s Degree in Power/Electrical Engineering or Electromechanical Engineering or any other relevant fields with specialization in Power.;
  2. Good skills in information technology and communication tools;
  3. Ability to work in a multidisciplinary team;
  4. Experienced computer user, including excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office suite;
  5. Excellent written presentation and reporting skills.

General experience

  1. Significant exposure to the electricity sector with a minimum of 12 years professional experience in power distribution system.
  2. Regional experience in working with multi-disciplinary teams on rural electrification projects is desirable.
  3. Experience in development project finance by the World Bank.
  4. Have a good knowledge of the issues and problems facing the energy sector in the ECOWAS region.

Specific experience

  1. Have been involved at least in two (2) large engineering projects on power grid extension/reinforcement or electrification projects MV/LV in the last five (5) years.
  2. Experience and understanding of the methodology of power system planning and analysis software, as well as rules for the interconnection of electricity networks,
  3. Specific experience in substation design and construction
  1. Language requirement

Candidates must speak and write fluent French and English.

  1. A Candidate will be selected in accordance with the Selection of Individual Consultant set out in the World Bank Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers (Fourth Edition November 2020).
  2. The application documents should be composed of: Update CV, cover letter and supporting documents scanned in one pdf file.
  3. Further information can be obtained only by mail at the following email address:; with copy to ; ;; and .
  4. Expressions of interest must be delivered latest by 4th, October 2023 at 5:00 pm GMT at; copying,,, and

NB: Female candidates are strongly encouraged. Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted for the rest of the procedure.


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