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ECOWAS Hold Zonal Coordination Meeting towards Implementation of Cross-Border Projects

14 Sep, 2023

Member States of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have moved to implement development projects in border communities in the region with the aim of strengthening Cross-Border Cooperation and promoting socio-economic growth through the ECOWAS Cross-Border Cooperation Support Programe (2023-2027).

In a virtual Zonal Coordination meeting held on 14th September 2023, as stipulated by the Operational Structure of the ECOWAS Cross-Border Cooperation Support Programme, Member States were presented with a platform to harmonize actions on Cross-Border Projects being implemented as per a subvention received from the ECOWAS Commission.

Addressing participants of the meeting, the ECOWAS Commission’s Director for Free Movement of Person’s and Migration, Mr. Albert Siaw-Boateng who represented the Commissioner in charge of Economic Affairs and Agriculture, Mrs. Massandjé Touré-Litse, stated that “the primary objective of the meeting was to receive an update of the status of the implementation of selected projects identified by the nine (9) Member States as per the subvention received from the ECOWAS Commission and to receive proposed projects from Cabo Verde, Liberia and Sierra Leone for financing”.

Echoing the Director, the Chairperson of the Meeting, Mr.Francis Ncha  representing  Nigeria, in his remarks urged Member States to share the status update on Cross-Border projects in their respective Countries and highlight challenges encountered in their implementation.

Accordingly, Member States made detailed presentations informing the meeting on the Projects embarked upon, their location, cost and targeted beneficiaries as plans for sustainability of the projects.

The ECOWAS Cross-Border Support Programme (2023-2027) is a multi-sectoral development programme that works with local communities in border regions to ensure social cohesion and sustainable development among ECOWAS Member States.

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