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Competition Experts Meet To Review Draft Operational Docu-Ments For Ecowas Regional Competition Authority (ERCA)

07 Feb, 2023

The ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority (ERCA) has convened a technical working-group meeting to review the draft Manuals of Procedure, Forms and Templates to create operational documents for the agency. The meeting which took place in Banjul from January 30 to Febru-ary 3, 2023, brought together four (4) technical experts from the ERCA Consultative Competi-tion Committee (CCC) and ERCA staff to review ERCA’s draft manual of procedures, forms, and templates before submission for regional validation by the CCC. The meeting of the working group provided an opportunity for the experts to review and edit the draft documents and make the necessary recommendations to improve the document and ensure it is in line with ERCA’s regulations and best practices.


In his welcome remarks, The Executive Director of ERCA, Dr Simeon Koffi thanked working group for convening the meeting. He stated that a detailed Manual of procedures will help ER-CA in conducting its enforcement of the Community Competition Rules in a transparent, effec-tive and efficient manner.


The Chairperson of the Competition Consultative Committee, Ms. Boladale ADEYINKA of Com-petition Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria noted the importance of having com-prehensive Manuals of procedure that provides a framework and guide to ERCA in addressing competition issues in the ECOWAS Region. She expressed optimism on the technical expertise of the CCC members and other experts at the meeting and thanked them for their dedication and commitment to the work of ERCA.


Over the five (5) days, the experts examined the draft Manuals and Forms and provided feed-back to be taken into consideration in its finalisation. The feedback will be consolidated and incorporated by the consultant in an updated draft which will be presented to the ECOWAS Min-isters in charge of Trade and Commerce (ECOMOT) for their approval, prior to submission to the relevant statutory organ of ECOWAS for its adoption.

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