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PO Volunteer Programme Coordination

16 Apr, 2024
JOB TITLE PO Volunteer Programme Coordination
JOB CODE 20003552
AGENCY ECOWAS Youth and Sports Development Centre (EYSDC)
DEPARTEMENT Human Development and Social Affairs
ANNUAL SALARY UA46,539.98/USD 73,430.77
DIVISION Youth Policy and Programmes Implementation
LINE SUPERVISOR PPO Youth Policy and Programmes Implementation
SUPERVISING –        PO Volunteer Deployment and Data Management
Applications should be sent to: b45povolunprogcoordeysdc@ecowas.int

Deadline For Application : 15th May 2024



Under the supervision of the PPO Youth Policy and Programmes Implementation the incumbent shall assist in the coordination and supervision of the implementation of the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme (EVP) in member States




·       Keep abreast of development information in ECOWAS member countries, relevant to ECOWAS contribution, while working in partnership with Heads of ECOWAS National Offices at country level (Presidents of National Councils of Coordination – CNC) and the National Coordinators of the ECOWAS Volunteers Program, the United Nations Volunteers Program, other United Nations agencies, the private sector, NGOs operating in the field of volunteering and development.

·       Become familiar with ECOWAS activities in the areas of peace and youth development.

·       Propose a draft budget and annual work plan for the implementation of the Program and execute the approved budget and work plan in accordance with ECOWAS financial regulations.

·       Ensure the management and monitoring of funds from program partners within the framework of operational partnerships for the deployment of volunteers for the benefit of partners, submitting an execution report at the end of the collaboration.

·       Supervise the Country Coordinators of ECOWAS volunteers.

·       Provide technical assistance to ECOWAS Volunteer Country Coordinators in Member States

·       Analyse the performance of ECOWAS Volunteer Country Coordinators and be able to resolve issues that could hinder progress.

·       Serve as an administrative link between the Country Coordinators and the alternate President of the Regional Program Coordination Council – CRC.

·       Prepare semi-annual analytical reports based on mission reports and reports received from Country Coordinators and submit recommendations to the Director of the ECOWAS Center for Youth and Sports Development (CDJS) through the hierarchy, for follow-up give.

·       Provide the secretariat of the Regional Program Coordination Council and prepares draft working documents for the meetings of the said Council.

·       Research and propose ways to connect with the efforts of the Volunteers.

·       Provide advocacy and promote volunteerism in the ECOWAS region to develop social capital, social integration, cohesion, and solidarity.

·       Monitor ECOWAS recommendations relating to the development of peace and volunteerism.

·       Ensure that volunteering for peace is integrated into the documents and major reports of ECOWAS programmes.

·       Prepare the expansion of the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme to all the member States in the region.

·       Ensure the sustainability of the ECOWAS Forum of National Volunteer Agencies in West Africa

·       Provide technical support for the technical development of volunteering in ECOWAS member States.

·       Negotiate and execute regional and international partnerships for the promotion of volunteering in West Africa

·       Research and propose ways to connect with the efforts of the Volunteers.

·       Provide advocacy and promote volunteerism in the ECOWAS region to develop social capital, social integration, cohesion, and solidarity.

·       Monitor ECOWAS recommendations relating to the development of peace and volunteerism.

·       Ensure that volunteering for peace is integrated into the documents and major reportsof ECOWAS programmes.

·       Prepare the expansion of the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme to all the member States in the region.

·       Ensure the sustainability of the ECOWAS Forum of National Volunteer Agencies in West Africa

·       Provide technical support for the technical development of volunteering in ECOWAS member States.

·       Negotiate and execute regional and international partnerships for the promotion of volunteering in West Africa

·       Prepare, coordinate, and disseminate informational material related to ECOWAS Volunteer Programme and the specific activities of the Volunteers to local and international media, the United Nations Volunteers Programme information service and the ECOWAS information services.

·       Establish, build, and maintain working relationships with all the organizations that use the services of ECOWAS volunteers, particularly government institutions, NGOs and CBOs.

·       Follow up and implement the provisions of all agreements and any partnership contract signed between ECOWAS and its partners for the deployment of ECOWAS Volunteers and submit quarterly and end of contract reports to the Director of EYSDC, through the immediate supervisor.

·       Continually share with partners, information on the work of the Volunteers to stimulate an interest in the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme.

·       mobilize resources for ECOWAS Volunteer Programme in accordance with ECOWAS procedures, policies and regulations governing the mobilization of resources.

·       Develop information kits and other promotional materials for the ECOWAS Volunteers Programme.

·       Carry out any other tasks as may be assigned by the supervisor.



·       Master’s degree or equivalent in the Social Sciences, Political Science, Law, International relations, Business Administration, Public Administration, Management, Statistics, or Economics from a recognized University.

·       Minimum of 7 years’ experience in the field of development or capacity-building, organizational development, and/or management of volunteers.

·       Proven knowledge of the socio-economic situation, cultural dimensions, and political structure of ECOWAS countries.

·       Knowledge of the ECOEWAS system and of the ECOWAS volunteers programme would be an asset.

·       Professional experience in a conflict/post conflict context would be considered an asset.

·       Prior engagement as an ECOWAS Volunteer would be considered an advantage.

·       Prior service in an international institution or volunteering in a position of responsibility will be an additional asset.

·       Ability to coordinate multiple activities and to work under pressure.

·       Familiarity with ECOWAS and rules, regulations, and procedures and/or previous work experience with a regional or international organization will be considered an added advantage.

·       Knowledge of the rules prescribed by ECOWAS Treaty and other legal instruments of the Community.



Be below 50 years old. This provision does not apply to internal candidates.



  • Ability to get groups to work together cooperatively, by enlisting active involvement, creating a climate for respect and openness, and applying effective techniques for group facilitation, explore their potentials, motivate them, and guide them.
  • Organizes and leads cross-divisional work group in developing creative solutions to address problems and or leads a small group of entry level professionals and administrative support staff.
  • Well-developed on—the-job training techniques paired with excellent coaching and mentoring skills; knowledge of new staff orientation approaches to facilitate understanding of the position and organization.
  • Ability to assign work to employees and provides timely and consistent feedback regarding technical proficiency and effectiveness.
  • Knowledge of project management at the level usually acquired from a certification in Project Management (e.g. Prince2 or Project Management Professional PMP).
  • Ability to consider the impact of a shift in programmatic direction to the needs of internal and external client.
  • Ability to promote and consider staff feedback to streamline processes in order to meet deadlines of relevance to client expectations; ability to consistently maintain composure and direction in high- pressure situations.
  • Well-developed problem solving, mediation and conflict resolution skills to address discrepancies, complaints, bottle necks, time constraints affecting quality and quantity of client services.
  • Ability to anticipate growing client needs and expectations to continuously improve quality, and timelines and service delivery, addressing client questions in a timely manner.
  • Ability to communicate openly with clients/stakeholders, keeping them informed of progress and issues requiring attention/resolutions.
  • Excellent judgement and ability to implement programmatic changes in a manner that ensures a bias-free work environment and fair and equitable application to new rules/regulations.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to adhere to policies, goals, objectives, and principles of valuing diversity in performing everyday duties and responsibilities; promoting/modeling behaviors that demonstrate tolerance and understanding of various cultures.
  • Ability to build value from leveraging diverse capabilities and inputs from various cultures, staff and clients.
  • Ability to seek out best practices to make organizational decisions of relevance to diversity management, ensuring that project and program activities identify vulnerable areas and contain systemic checks.
  • Excellent knowledge of ECOWAS institutions and how the different organs relate to each other, particularly as it relates to own work sector/programs.
  • Broad knowledge of ECOWAS legal framework with a sound knowledge of approaches to policy and program development as well as project management normally acquired through certification.
  • Well-developed knowledge of the rules, processes, and procedures of ECOWAS, of pertinence to tasks related to own position.
  • Broad knowledge of member states trends, indicators, challenges, and opportunities as it relates to sector/programme assigned to own position.
  • Creativity and flexibility to deviate from traditional methods in developing new procedures, processes, and tools, using technology to simplify methods and approaches whenever possible.
  • Ability to reevaluate current procedures and suggest improvements to ensure an effective, streamlined process.
  • Ability to gather and summarize information to predict stakeholder views on a new policy/programme; and excellent analytical skills to assess external policies and trends when reviewing policy/programme options, pros, cons, and recommendations.
  • Ability to synthesize complex information gathered from a variety of external sources and disseminates it to others in a logical.
  • Ability to apply appropriate methodology to discover or identify policy issues and resource concerns.
  • Ability to evaluate, incorporate, and communicate the latest developments in specialty area (i.e. in specific sector or program area) using institution/agency guidelines and criteria.
  • Well-developed interpersonal, negotiation, networking, and presentation skills with proven abilities to influence, explain complex information and demonstrate empathy and open-mindedness.
  • Ability to demonstrate operational proficiency in the use of computer in communicating using technology tools such as email, word processing, excel, power point, collaborative software, graphic software.
  • Ability to convey information clearly and concisely in a succinct and organized manner through both writing and verbal means, either with electronic or print media.
  • Fluency in one of the three ECOWAS official languages (English, French & Portuguese)
  • Good knowledge of internal planning cycles and ability to contribute to the development and to implement Community-wide or institution policy by determining target audience, building coalitions with the appropriate population, and monitor progress.
  • Ability to considers external circumstances, factors and trends when organizing project activities to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Ability to review process outcomes, correspondence, reports, and policy documents to develop sound and achievable plans.
  • Ability to conduct meetings with staff, stakeholders, colleagues, and others to ascertain of organizational, program and/or project needs, adjusting plans and activities accordingly.
  • Ability to adjust project plans based on input from staff and stakeholders and/or ability to design and implements guidelines, tools, and templates to accommodate new or revised programmes and services.

Member States