Selection of an Individual Consultant to develop a communication strategy for the ECOWAS ntegrated Human Capital Development (HCD) strategy

07 Feb, 2023


Selection of an Individual Consultant to develop a communication strategy for the ECOWAS
Integrated Human Capital Development (HCD) strategy

Reference No. ECW/VP-HCD/IC/02-2023

1. The ECOWAS Commission intends to use part of its budget to finance the contract of an individual
Consultant to develop the communication strategy for the ECOWAS Integrated Human Capital
Development (HCD)

2. This consultancy assignment shall therefore require the provision of the technical expertise, to promote
the communication and visibility of the activities implemented by the Human Capital Development
Strategy under the office of the Vice President.

3. The
overall objective of this consultancy service is to ensure that a clear agenda is set to significantly
improve performance in the priority thematic areas, also, seeking a creative balance between physical

and human capital by improving public spending on human capital.
The study should also reinforce
ating real economic growth and reduce poverty rates by prioritizing human capital development
efforts. Lastly, this study aims at Improving resource mobilization in priority thematic areas.

4. Duration: The assignment shall last six (6) weeks from the date the contract is signed.

5. Duties and responsibilities of the Consultant: The Consultants tasks shall include the following:

Provide expertise and guidance for the development of a communication strategy and action plan for
the Human Capital Development Strategy, to enhance advocacy and visibility among stakeholders and
the populations of the ECOWAS region.

Develop a Communication Strategy for the Human Capital Development Strategy.
Develop an Action Plan for the implementation of the Communication Strategy.

6. The ECOWAS Commission invites eligible individual consultants (Consultants) to express their
interest in providing the services. Interested consultants shall provide information showing that they
have the qualifications and experience to provide the requested services. The applicants are to meet
the criteria set out below:


Masters degree in Communication, Social Sciences or related fields.


Minimum of ten (10) years of professional experience in Communications, and the development of
communication products.

Minimum of 5years communication expertise in at least one of the subject areas identified in the
strategic objectives of Human Capital Development Strategy and one (1) of the relevant thematic

Relevant experience in conducting at least two (2) similar assignments or productions in one of the

thematic areas for an international organization, a donor-funded project or a public / private entity.
Demonstrable experience of working with multiple partners to develop communication products.

Experience in developing high quality communication tools and products in the ECOWAS sub-

Samples of 2 recent relevant communication products developed


Individual consultants must be fluent in at least two of the ECOWAS official languages i.e. French,
English or Portuguese (written and verbal communication)

NB: The ECOWAS Commission would like to draw the attention of interested consultants to Article 117 of the
revised ECOWAS Procurement Code on “Fraud and Corruption”, which provides information on fraudulent or
corrupt practices in competition or contract execution. Furthermore, candidates are invited to take cognisance
of the specific information on conflict of interest related to this consultancy service, under Article 118 of the
revised ECOWAS Procurement Code.

7. The selection of the consultant will be made following the criteria for the Selection of Individual
Consultants set out in the Guidelines for Consultants. The candidate with the highest score will be
invited to submit a technical and financial proposal.

Interested consultants may obtain more information by contacting the Procurement Division at the email
below during working hours, i.e., Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (GMT +1).

Email:, with copies to:;;

8. Expressions of interest with subject Selection of an Individual Consultant to develop a
communication strategy for the ECOWAS Integrated Human Capital Development (HCD)
strategy, must be submitted no later than Friday, 3rd March 2023 at 11:00 a.m. (GMT+1, Nigerian
time) to the email address below:

Email:, with copies to:;;

Commissioner for Internal Services


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