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ECREEE organizes workshop to uptake green hydrogen in ECOWAS

24 Jul, 2023

Niamey – Friday, July 21, 2023 – In recent years, the concept of green hydrogen has emerged as a new beacon of hope for the ECOWAS region, offering a transformative solution to address critical energy, environmental, and economic challenges in the region. As nations around the world strive to combat climate change and transition towards cleaner energy sources, green hydrogen presents a unique opportunity for West Africa to unlock its vast renewable energy potential and secure a sustainable future.

Furthermore, the integration of green hydrogen into the energy mix of West Africa offers a promising solution to energy access challenges. Remote and underserved communities in the region often struggle with limited access to electricity and modern energy services. Green hydrogen technologies, especially decentralized systems, can provide these communities with a clean, reliable, and locally produced energy source, promoting economic development and improving overall living conditions.

It is against this background that the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) has taken a lead in this process and has forged a successful partnership with the West African Science Service Centre on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL), to develop the ECOWAS Green Hydrogen Policy, Strategy Framework, and the Action Plan, to unlock the full potential of green hydrogen in the region. The strategy framework is to layout the pathway to uptake green hydrogen, through partnerships with governments, private sector stakeholders, and international organizations to implement the policy, build the necessary infrastructure, and foster research and development in green hydrogen technologies. By doing so, the region can establish itself as a model for sustainable energy transition and inspire other nations and regions to follow suit.

The workshop, held in Niamey on July 20 and 21, brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders from government representatives, private sector, and international organizations to validate the methodology for developing the strategy and action plan, as well as the mechanisms for validating the study and its implementation schedule. This workshop had a special meaning for ECREEE, since it was organized on the month that Centre is celebrating its 13th anniversary of promoting sustainable energy in the region.

ECREEE shares the vision that the adoption of green hydrogen in West Africa is not just an environmental imperative but a strategic opportunity for the region to take charge of its energy destiny. The Center also believes that embracing green hydrogen will pave the way towards a more prosperous future. By harnessing its renewable resources to produce green hydrogen, the ECOWAS region can drive economic growth, enhance energy security, and contribute significantly to global efforts in combating climate change.

The workshop will be followed by the 11th meeting of ECREEE’s National Focal Institutions (NFIs) from July 24 to 28, 2023, also to be held in Niamey, Niger.


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