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Healthy Blood Pressure Range secondary hypertension pathophysiology, is blood pressure 96 61 too low Low Blood Pressure Chart What Is Good Blood Pressure.

Energy this awareness becomes the central issue unlike the ten generation family in another world that faced a critical situation is blood pressure 96 61 too low the ten generation family in this world.

Gin and johnnie walker at that time returned not that familiar to him is blood pressure 96 61 too low Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure this brown haired kid is just a toy and when he s done playing he ll throw it over to italy to play.

Life but when I came out later I became much tougher the slums are a great place to exercise says his governess but if it was the slums of this world eating healthy for high blood pressure he probably wouldn t.

Godfather into it after waiting for a while mr godfather still didn t return to his senses the two smiled at each other and decided for themselves that today s meeting will.

Advice in short johnnie walker is a guy with excellent deception skills gin Whats A Good Blood Pressure secondary hypertension pathophysiology snorted through his nose verified the pupil membrane and opened the many levels in front of him.

Covering most of his torso and his head was that ridiculous crow mask or rather a crow hood and the black gloves on his hands cover almost everything that can show any of.

Bitter face however he also has some vague feelings these medicines may not have much effect on him taking advantage what are the signs that your blood pressure is low of the almighty mummy scotland turned around sawada.

For himself took a puff from the cigarette in his left hand and stretched out the window his expression blurred a bit in the smoke it s not shameful he had a hard time.

Intuition told him that it might not be a bad thing so sawada tsunayoshi abandoned that point and looked at each other worriedly what ECOWAS is blood pressure 96 61 too low if lei does need some help sure enough.

So that he paused until akai shuichi asked questions before continuing to speak james tokyo metropolitan police department s criminal division search section akai hidey.

The scary part of the crow is not the force that hardly exists but the wealth of the enemy country and the mind of the criminal organization that can connect in the world.

Already seen his fbi companion and then lowered his head and glanced at his mobile phone it was already in a state of no signal so he knowing that it was a relatively safe.

Guardians and he was caught between his two partners again just like the make up lessons before the exam every time he met in middle school judaimu please see the steps of.

Finally frowned at a spoon although I don t know what he s doing but after listening to the friend of the heart beating hard high blood pressure deceased the man who accused the does salt raise or lower blood pressure boy just now I m sure that the.

T lie before tong shan could answer he was the first to speak but your punishment it doesn t matter what kind of thing he said he turned his head and looked at sawada.

Mentioned tell him before this time because of the crow s is blood pressure 96 61 too low order he frowned slightly and saw the corners of vodka s mouth in the rearview mirror noeven the crow s orders don.

Godfather touched his brown hair regretfully and suddenly had an inspiration it doesn t matter if it s not a brother he said a guardian is a thing but a brother is not.

Fall but he still maintained this position I couldn t help but put lay and bourbon on a small track pushing this and poking that who would have known first that What Is Good Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low he was in.

Tsunayoshi thought even now recalling takeshi yamamoto s original question he couldn t help but smile bitterly if I had to say it I didn t really think about it after all.

S a bit reluctant to let him leave the gloves in the safe house and and there was a vague feeling in his heart he reached out and touched the place where his heart was and.

Happened are you some kind of old father in the new is diabetes related to hypertension era but looking at his boss leaning against the pillow he subtly didn is blood pressure 96 61 too low t want to care boss rarely showed some fragile.

Looking at his face from time to time so as to decide how to what is the code for malignant hypertension start inquiring about the next step of course gin noticed his condition the topkiller of the organization.

Still thinking about ordinary everyday life had a subtle feeling of finally here after all the place they agreed to this time is rice flower again akemi miyano lives here.

Incident a few days ago the large flame output caused certain damage to the body and it was emitted under a little incentive and it became the appearance of the current.

S heart skip a beat after all he already what is the lower number in a blood pressure reading knew that rai was an actor and now showing this expression he didn t know what is blood pressure 96 61 too low strange things were going to happen but his.

Children of the same age who are not willing .

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is blood pressure 96 61 too low What Is Normal Blood Pressure, What Is Considered Low Blood Pressure secondary hypertension pathophysiology Low Blood Pressure Causes. to form a team with him but it is such a useless child but under the tempering of the tutor he has become the uncrowned king of.

Thought about it and hesitated I there s also a hallucinogenic toxin extracted from mushroomsneed it sawada tsunayoshi was still a little worried but when he heard the.

Andrea was not as tense as he had imagined or it could even be described what are possible complications of gestational hypertension as harmonious this is really a wonderful thing after all andrea betrayed johnnie walker who pulled.

They were almost there before there was a fightbut he couldn t fight again under the constraints of the boss the other party won t really kill him if it was before that guy.

Still young so please don t blame him sir but what about the stigmatization of johnnie walker he said distressedly said my johnnie walker is not like you mr tongshan he is.

T stop there sawada tsunayoshi closed his eyes suddenly thankful that he had brought a weapon speechless all the way knowing that you are about to see it was a crow and.

Should bear but the organization the organization is unforgivable I don t know if it was miyano shiho s delusion but johnnie walker who kept a warm and amiable smile even.

His mouth and moved his head so jiang gu ling could feel something fluffy going through his fingers sawada tsunayoshi was dazed I could .

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Ways To Lower Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low Good Blood Pressure For Women, secondary hypertension pathophysiology. only sense that this was a familiar.

His superiors are kind and tolerant which is more conducive to his undercover actions for example speaking of this time it doesn t even seem to have anything to do with him.

A more shameful guy the girl who hasn t mastered the excellent skill of observing words like she has in the future put her arms around her chest sawada tsunayoshi responded.

For a while I don t know how inefficient the fbi is and he has not been scratched out until now when he was in italy he would occasionally accidentally send himself in.

To decim who ordered his subordinates to stop hunting them down o s blessing it stands to reason that it should not continue to appear in front of decimo but when he came.

Came out andrea s eyes widened the swing stopped swaying and she stood up with a swipe do not yes what s the matter with you the black haired and blue eyed boy glared at.

Police officer who is very suspicious of this strange boy is still here stopped his behavior that this gentleman ah I see the young man said almost at the same time as him.

Of all the police officers then under is blood pressure 96 61 too low the propaganda of .

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secondary hypertension pathophysiology Diastolic Pressure Signs Of High Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low ECOWAS. my colleagues I learned that this child may have been deceived and it was even more kind andrea the invisible cat.

Can appear in front of the boss carelessly and recklessly andrea who has spent many years with the leader is very familiar with the character of his leader and brother.

Youth akai shuichi said calmly he was detained by the police and the police because he was underage he What Is Good Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low said concisely sawada tsunayoshi it s not that you just wanted to.

Sentence of mafia s natural enemy andrea as a former mafia should be more nervous and cramped but there was no crisis that was discovered by decimo and he relaxed a lot the.

And his eyes fell on another female candidate who had chosen one of three the murderer is this one lovely lady hey komako is that guy s girlfriend of yingtai will relaxing lower blood pressure how could she.

Flashed on the face of the registered policeman and after scanning him up and down he reconfirmed let me confirm again are you andrea s guardian this is a question within.

While so he just it looks cool to be able to shut up weakly but in fact it tacitly acquiesces to miyano akemi s .

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secondary hypertension pathophysiology Diastolic Pressure Signs Of High Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low ECOWAS. .

How To Treat High Blood Pressure At Home

is blood pressure 96 61 too low What Is Normal Blood Pressure, What Is Considered Low Blood Pressure secondary hypertension pathophysiology Low Blood Pressure Causes. guess it s okay boss is really still a kid he thought to.

The world in italy in such an experience .

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is blood pressure 96 61 too low
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Healthy Blood Pressure Range secondary hypertension pathophysiology, is blood pressure 96 61 too low Low Blood Pressure Chart What Is Good Blood Pressure. the role played by the flame of death use extremely important the flame of death that was considered to be the undisclosed secret.

Convenient for each other s information exchange he was lying on the when is low blood pressure a problem bed covering his forehead 140 is high blood pressure with one hand from .

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is blood pressure 96 61 too low
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is blood pressure 96 61 too low What Is Normal Blood Pressure, What Is Considered Low Blood Pressure secondary hypertension pathophysiology Low Blood Pressure Causes. time to time worried that the antipyretic sticker would.

That tong shan was calm and compassionate side the master folded his hands together to plead guilty for the unknown is blood pressure 96 61 too low monk but kept What Is Good Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low silent about whether the so called video.

Then this can also it is speculated that this incident may be related to the fire of life and also related to tongshan and him from tongshan s attitude there is a high.

Looked left and right glanced at the mirror on one side and saw a reflection in the mirror that looked like the brown how to combat low blood pressure naturally haired youth who hardly caught the attention of the.

By that dog who would bite everyone no matter what decimo did his best to him is blood pressure 96 61 too low mafia has her own set of standards for dealing with traitors he is still alive now all thanks.

Reducing sticker with his boss he saw that the boss was curled up and drowsy he reached out to check the temperature and had the illusion that is blood pressure 96 61 too low his boss would burn into a.

Recognized at a glance that this is blood pressure 96 61 too low was the guiding monk who had .

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Healthy Blood Pressure Range secondary hypertension pathophysiology, is blood pressure 96 61 too low Low Blood Pressure Chart What Is Good Blood Pressure. exchanged a few sentences he frowned and saw the calm expression of tongshan moved slightly I heard that monks.

Reserve at that time but also the other party and his younger brother lan the resemblance to bo povino is there but two people are different individuals after all only.

Aura but the super intuitive sense didn t set off the alarm so I took it upon myself to designate people as reliable .

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is blood pressure 96 61 too low What Is Normal Blood Pressure, What Is Considered Low Blood Pressure secondary hypertension pathophysiology Low Blood Pressure Causes. guys even if he is in a weak state sawada tsunayoshi.

This senior but after the incident the other party never contacted the fbi again and the information obtained was that they were the first to organize he was rescued from.

Was still a little worried he even helped the miyano sisters choose clothes I was thinking about this all the time didn t see him just now is the coat of the suit you.

Hair almost cry just stop and then andrea and they are more familiar with them and they are no longer reserved and fearful although they still quarrel with novan every day.

Not annoyed when a girl who was much younger than himself said that but was shy scratched his cheek indeed he said if reborn was here he is blood pressure 96 61 too low Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure would probably say the same miyano.

It was because of the light or what at first glance his brown pupils seemed to be flashing with a golden red light which was exceptionally captivating long time no see boss.

Closing the door at is blood pressure 96 61 too low this time and a vague voice came from above it seemed to be a negative voice and it was accompanied by a vague bumping is blood pressure 96 61 too low sound which made people even more.

Also taken down and some bandages were wrapped around his wrists in a mess probably because the policeman just vaguely reminded him to pay attention to the source of his.

Back to the safe house first scotland is not without experience in caring for patients let alone this person is not only his boss in the organization johnnie walker but.

Very strict guy sawada tsunayoshi burst out laughing what do you call someone like me he dusted off the dust and complained but he does strictlywell a spartan type teacher.

Period mr godfather shook his head regretfully and suddenly the phone came a vibration go downstairs gin what he blinked walked to the window and glanced the familiar.

And gin s stature it s not something I can intervene in so I can only nod my head are you coming back at noon then he tried to sidetrack sawada tsunayoshi was already.

End here after all your expression is like the sky is about to fall miyano shiho said slowly and said the same the elder sister in the distance waved her paw turned her.

Can still sense the emotions foods to help with hypertension of the other party probably a child who needs to be comforted by himself but wait for a while this dumb guy he didn t move so he had to take.

Coughed calmly in his heart no no need he said but since you are not yet an adult you need a guardian to mentioncough to take you out do you have a guardian or family.

Reliable akai shuichi .

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is blood pressure 96 61 too low
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What Is Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low ECOWAS secondary hypertension pathophysiology Healthy Blood Pressure Range. felt that he had a bad premonition sure enough after his beloved boss thought about it he announced in a brisk tone since I m the guardian I m the.

Thinking of this the corners of sawada tsunayoshi s mouth smoothed out the crow looked at him and seemed to smile of course my johnnie walker he stretched out his hand.

Hood of the black coat was also lowered and the boy with black curly hair had a lovely face and seemed to be shining like green gems eye pupil at that time aroused the love.

Be in the at the stage of being detained as a guardian do you want to take the opportunity to kill him the black haired youth blinked his beautiful green eyes and said some.

The feeling of going to the police station to hunt for people he was subtly distressed when I was in italy novan liked to do this kind of thing so he always went there i.

Soon lai was silent and let his boss What Is Good Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low pass by faceless sitting in front of him with an expression on his face the girls quickly get together to chat after getting up sawada.

Boss s photo to communicate friendly with andrea kept a sensible smile under the boss s inquiry kokichi sawada he originally thought that the relationship between andrea.

Mafia leader who is supposed to be full of evil is a good guy at some point but if you think about it carefully there is no conflict between him and people being kind and.

But scotland could still feel the other party s body temperature rising fortunately the is blood pressure 96 61 too low seniors in this state were well behaved and cooperated with his actions very well.

Of little girls almost every time he sits at the bar and puffs with smoke indifferently he will receive countless prints a card with a phone number or room number written.

Even how to be handsome and which pose looks the most elegant and handsome from what angle are clearly explained chu it was sawada tsunayoshi s small head that suddenly.

Be before the furious man could continue to refute the young man paused his eyes swept across the crowd and when he is magnesium good to lower blood pressure was about to say something he was locked by the sight.

Would come to find people for fun this is even more embarrassing than the last one and novan will even record the existence of that shameful andrea growth record library.

It together sawada tsunayoshi tilted his head and readily responded now there are already some speculations in my heart after all he had already secretly a sentence with.

Probability that this time is not high blood pressure due to hormonal imbalance a good thing and it is a bad thing that has happened since tongshan resonated with slate last time thinking of this sawada tsunayoshi s.

Andrea s various safe houses and contact points before the destruction and as for himself he disappeared after passing back the information that he was already safe akai.

Out of the arms room boss mean arterial pressure hypertension sawada tsunayoshi waved hand gin told me to go out he said succinctly seeing the worried expression on the other side he couldn t help smiling don.

In the end he s just a little guy running errands for johnnie walker as for why him who knows why johnnie walker would find a subordinate with the same color scheme after.

And when he leaves later fast heart rate means high blood pressure he takes the child with him while saying that the kid will always remind him of rumble but no one knows better than tsunayoshi sawada that these.

Tsunayoshi sawada was taken to rum s gem laboratory gin s electronic equipment was also thrown into the box containing his equipment before he left and sawada tsunayoshi.

Did probably made it clear where rum would be dissatisfied with him but what made him even more angry was what miyano shiho said to ease the atmosphere what is the.

Attribute with a dizzy hypertension medication chart pdf head sawada tsunayoshi is like an old father who is worried about his son s friendship is blood pressure 96 61 too low in kindergarten ya s dating situation expressed is blood pressure 96 61 too low concern akai.

Rabbit will not die because of his neglect forget it treat it as a good deed every day bar just thinking about it another the door opened revealing the face of master.

Performance and he was still johnnie walker s good subordinate ley sawada tsunayoshi finally regained his ECOWAS is blood pressure 96 61 too low senses and remembered the question of lei just now he had to take.

Principle originally this was just an ordinary accident however in the final three choice session sawada tsunayoshi inadvertently looked up and found a familiar figure what.

Worried eyes and walked away but his own cz 75 was always on him actually the cz 75 is not the firearm he uses the most but the favorite gun of the tutor but no matter.

She consciously stretched out her hand in front of the police and put on the silver bracelet hesitated for a moment looked at the dark haired boy who moved to the corner.

Back from a business trip met him sometimes both guys were at home when he came home he could always hear the sound of two people arguing or fighting secondary hypertension pathophysiology Healthy Blood Pressure andrea has a stupid.

Extra childish gin subtly put the word on sawada tsunayoshi s head unlike johnnie walker in the eyes of outsiders gin is probably the most the person who is familiar with.

Hajime where s that guy rai did you go fishing he remembered that boss took lei out with him in the morning with all kinds of guesses in his heart he still took the person.

Taken away by the note oh no what he meant was that the good police of the people took him away although the incident seemed to is blood pressure 96 61 too low have nothing to do with the other party he.

Makes rai famous in the organization substantially up lift and when it comes to andrea s green eyes he thinks more often of his younger brother in another world when he met.

Person the meaning of the girl hesitated for a moment tilted her head to look at sawada tsunayoshi and made a questioning voice seriously if that s the case why are you.

Interested in this place by accident looks over and accidentally finds that he s following from the safe house like a pervert thinking of this possibility the the normally.

Change and the black tail behind him was raised in a humane way holding the snacks he harvested he nodded vigilantly the two came hypertension associated symptoms to an empty park andrea sits on the swing.

Crow is waiting for him there why because he started to really get in touch with the organization s business it s not impossible sawada tsunayoshi closed his eyes although.

Denial is actually impossible speak out What Is Good Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low seeing this miyano akimi s expression gradually changed from panic to enlightenment and finally she showed a hard work expression to.

Accomplice who seemed to be able to deliver his back no not yet he pressed the hat here sir he said explaining the previous action is blood pressure 96 61 too low tsukuru by arterial hypertension vs pulmonary hypertension the way gave sawada tsunayoshi.

The latter s the same outstanding sniping talent and the same calmness make the most ruthless killers except for gin also look at the cold blooded way of doing things which.

Pursed his lips curled his fingers and buttoned the ink colored car window brush pull pull window down come on show your boss a is blood pressure 96 61 too low bit of a dumbfounded expression scotland.

Tolerant gaze mr godfather frowned after thinking for a while he answered tentatively discipline the disciples maintain the temple he scratched his head and moved the.

Session are all newcomers pulling like this I deserted when I was on a mission with decimo winery no she what do you when your blood pressure is low smeared the organization in a mess is blood pressure 96 61 too low and glanced behind her quickly.

Cleaning sign and mixing the sound of water it is a relatively safe call environment he held down his earphones suppressing his emotions before that hiro I have to know who.

Expression was probably strange now our colleague went to one but was turned away because his appearance didn t match andrea at all he said deeply as if giving an order to.

Interrupted by andrea is he bad you lied to him akai shuichi not us this is not the beginning is blood pressure 96 61 too low has is blood pressure 96 61 too low Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure information been exchanged he felt a little tired akai shuichi it s all.

Thinking about what soleil would think about this matter the other party should not know that he already knew his fbi identity come on it s always a octreotide mechanism of action in portal hypertension is pregnancy hypertension primary or secondary little weird but it s.

Take advantage of this opportunity just when miyano akemi was still hesitating whether to disturb johnnie walker too much miyano shiho made a logical decision that s it.

Was only suspicious but after sending someone to visit again I verified the boy who appeared in the cafe just now is an acquaintance of yours sawada tsunayoshi s ECOWAS is blood pressure 96 61 too low eyebrows.

There is indeed a rising sawada tsunayoshi thought slowly but it is just that the undercovers are rising in your organization he lowered his eyes as if he did not see the.

Lit and is blood pressure 96 61 too low said casually well that s it if he s here generally the situation does not allow me to smoke obviously cola nilo said is blood pressure 96 61 too low that he used to smoke too but now maybe.

Brain is thinking about this and the other half of the brain makes a decision based on the current situation shiho miyano used her mobile phone to contact scotland who is.

Regained her senses johnnie walker had naturally put away the box of aptx 4869 she took out and looked at her with one hand on his chin it looks like there secondary hypertension pathophysiology Healthy Blood Pressure is no difference.

In sentences it s not difficult but if he was found to be a member of the organization and went to the police is 112 64 low blood pressure station to pick up andrea who was .

Can Naproxen High Blood Pressure

secondary hypertension pathophysiology Diastolic Pressure Signs Of High Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low ECOWAS. an fbi undercover agent .

How To Cook Chicken For High Blood Pressure

Ways To Lower Blood Pressure is blood pressure 96 61 too low Good Blood Pressure For Women, secondary hypertension pathophysiology. and.

Asked sawada tsunayoshi although he would know something strange reasons for low blood pressure in elderly when it was strange sawada tsunayoshi didn t know but the elder on the opposite side was gentle under the.

S weak and weak but the words are sharp I don t know if it s a cold or something the boy s voice is lower even a little hoarse the man who pointed at him and the crowd of.

And scotland went out almost at the same time and the other party had two tasks today one of which was taken over because he was ill and carried out with ley at night ah.

To say this man very suspicious too I don t know what the relationship is with the deceased but the man who is probably suspected of being the murderer pointed at a figure.

As long as he made a phone call the accident in the massage parlor last time was not is blood pressure 96 61 too low a problem absolutely not secondly they have to exclude novan who is in japan in fact.

Have to face a battle of this scale the usual bombs baseball bats which of the following is closely related to hypertension that is blood pressure 96 61 too low turn into knives etc are already dangerous enough so don t do it anymore continue to be dangerous.

Manipulation of flames and the flames of death are attacking the enemy s time is more powerful keep your hands and stay right it was also easier for him to face a life he.

He needed to bring he still nodded yes so he Whats A Good Blood Pressure secondary hypertension pathophysiology drove all the way to the spot james gave him the good thing is that as he expected the relationship between johnnie walker and.

Couldn t help flipping a pack of cigarettes from the car this is what ley left behind the red marlboro who encouraged him to smoke last time sawada tsunayoshi lit a fire.

This if so the child will not be hiding alone mr godfather who knew andrea s character well hesitated for a while and it happened that the miyano sisters came out of the.

Still underage where is the guardian do you have the guardian s contact information what care guardianship of what andrea who goes by the pseudonym tsuji ender was stunned.

After some hesitation rey raised his head when I was in the cafe just now that boy in the hat as soon as he said this sawada tsunayoshi knew although I couldn t see the.

Continue on then cough and change the subject time is urgent I ll say it first he paused looking at andrea s face hejohnnie walker before he could say anything he was.

Next moment the man was furious and he muttered even louder I don t know what guts or whatever all I know is that you guy was in the toilet for half an hour and after my.

This group of cold blooded fbi however it is also possible that this is just a game set up by the other party from the reunion in the bathing city to the follow up so far.

Meters wear women s clothes are your sisters the devil sawada tsuna ji shi refused and didn t after all he had not broken through to the realm of his respected tutor who.

Their eyes met in space the other party looked at him for a while then lowered his head and touched him what can untreated hypertension lead to with one hand take out the phone and press it how does cushing s syndrome cause hypertension but after a while the.

Gatekeeper that is the person who made the handover according to the code scotland heard his tame voice pulled away as if to say hello to someone and returned to his ear.

He felt consciously or unintentionally when he was in the safe house in fact there was a faint bell rang downstairs last night which is information the leandria one then.

Tongshan in plain clothes the other party came in from another entrance sawada tsunayoshi bi gin also glanced at tongshan first the two looked at each other and the other.

Still holding on to it are you worried about ley she was referring to the fact that lei who was a subordinate of the organization might leak this matter and she even.

Sawada tsunayoshi had no other idea now there is no chance to contact the japanese police again however when he separated from scotland just now he had an idea to is blood pressure 96 61 too low vaccinate.

Terms of monopoly but he can t beat that guy novan if he uses poison the boss will get angry so he feels a little wronged nodded I like him he whispered said but I did bad.

The other party had some familiar to be on the safe side he didn t do anything I saw the voice of a young man from the heavily surrounded crowd which sounded a little.

Sawada ji suddenly remembered a past event not long ago is blood pressure 96 61 too low does mr prison temple know as the host s homework in those long conversations one after another one time tongshan.

Shan nodded is blood pressure 96 61 too low Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure slightly sawada tsunayoshi lowered his hypertension with hypothyroidism eyebrows it seems that what is about to happen is not a good thing to get promoted and rich he thought sadly if master.

A naive and dazed guy the only way to be deceived by his appearance is to be assimilated by him and the guy who tries to domesticate him will eventually be domesticated by.

Also foreigners and foreigners all look alike more as the policemen who talked a lot walked into some of the rest rooms akai shuichi saw andrea who didn t look sad from a.

But what s the point of that picture as if he knew what she was going to say sawada tsunayoshi mumbled vaguely anyway he can t control me anymore he looked sideways out of.

That it is not unacceptable occasionally shuuichi akai still thinks that he has been caught in some kind of trick by johnnie walker otherwise why would he think that this.

Shopping that akai shuichi said although this kind of thing still occurs in the undercover life but from akai hideyoshi s mouth it feelswellfantastic it s amazing so much.

The only thing to worry about is the reaction of the members of the codename who were present when the crow died violently sawada tsunayoshi thought about this for a while.

When he recognized that this guy was the little white face akai shuichi who was following the boss now he stood up abruptly and immediately began to wander around the room.

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