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ECOWAS Commission

The Commission ( ….

The ECOWAS Commission is the main engine room of all ECOWAS programmes, projects and activities. This ECOWAS administrative instrument was transformed from an Executive Secretariat into a Commission in 2007 in fulfilment of a decision to that effect taken the previous year in Niamey.

The change of nomenclature is not just for its sake. In their wisdom, the Heads of States and Governments came to terms with the fact that a Commission such as we now have, is the right set up that can make ECOWAS better adapt to the international environment and bring about more equity, transparency and greater functionality in accordance with global best practices. In other words, the Commission is in a better position to support ECOWAS member states to build their capacities for programme implementation.

Heads of State and Government have also endorsed institutional reforms covering all arms of ECOWAS. By implementing the transformation process faithfully, ECOWAS is repositioned to fulfill the mandate of its founding fathers and meet new challenges.

Having taken the historic decision to transform the ECOWAS Secretariat into a Commission, ECOWAS is taking ownership of the grand objectives designed to improve the living conditions of the citizenry, ensure economic growth and create an environment conducive to development and meaningful integration.

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