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West African police challenged on ECOWAS vision 2020, African Standby Force
Gendarmerie and Police authorities in West Africa have been challenged to support the actualization of the ECOWAS Vision 2020 and the realization of the Full Operational Capability of the African Standby Force, of which the ECOWAS Standby Force (ESF) is an integral component.Speaking at the opening ceremony of the regional Police Training Needs Assessment (TNA) Validation and Finalisation of Training Work plan at the ECOWAS Commission’s AbujaECOWAS_stand_by_force headquarters on 26th February 2015, the Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, Mrs. Salamatu Husseini Suleiman, urged police and other security agencies in the region to come up with practical plans and programmes to guarantee the security and safety of Community citizens and thus contribute to the creating of a serene environment for achieving the goals of the ECOWAS Vision.

Speaking on behalf of the President of the ECOWAS Commission, H.E. Kadré Desire Ouédraogo, she stressed the need to harness the vast knowledge and expertise that abound in the Police and Gendarmerie Institutions, as well as in ECOWAS Training Centres of Excellence, for innovative solutions to myriad problems facing personnel involved in ECOWAS Peacekeeping Missions.The Commissioner paid tribute to security agencies of Member States for “the tremendous collective sacrifices” being made towards the realization of the ECOWAS objectives, by providing a secure and peaceful environment for other actors to carry out their important functions.

She also commended the German International Development Agency, GIZ for their support

In his message, Mr. Johannes Knapp, Head of GIZ Support Programme to ECOWAS, expressed satisfaction with the methodology and procedure of the assessment as well as the quality of the output from the analysis as reflected in the findings and recommendations.

Speaking on his behalf, Ms Phidelia Amey, Adviser on Peace and Security at the GIZ, he also expressed delight at the positive collaboration between ECOWAS and the GIZ.

Closing the meeting on behalf of Commissioner Suleiman, ECOWAS Director of Peacekeeping and Regional Security, Dr. Cyriaque Agnekethom congratulated participants for producing a final draft TNA and Training Work plan.

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