Sanjay Gupta CBD Gummies Scam: He Never Endorsed Them

Sanjay Gupta CBD Gummies Scam: He Never Endorsed Them

Dr. Sanjay Gupta never endorsed CBD gummies for any scam purpose including Type 2 diabetes or ED or memory loss or weight loss, and any mentions of "Institute of Endocrinology of USA" or "Grady Memorial Hospital" or anything else about him having anything to do with the products is not genuine. For a number of years, scammers have pretended that Sanjay Gupta backed CBD gummies and possibly keto gummies too, but it's all a scam. Sanjay Gupta did not endorse Harmony Leaf CBD Gummies, Pure Kana CBD Gummies, BioBlend CBD Gummies, or anything else like that.

Have you seen Sanjay Gupta and CBD gummies somewhere online in a scam? Let me know where you're seeing it in the comments down below.

Also, like with Sanjay Gupta, a TV show never endorsed CBD gummies or any of these products either, despite what you may have seen being claimed online. This scam with Sanjay Gupta and CBD gummies went from Facebook and Instagram ads to a fake article, which was completely fictional. Sanjay Gupta does not own any CBD or keto gummies companies, nor did he or Kevin Hart, Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, Amber Rose, Garth Brooks, Drew Carey, Tom Hanks, Randy Jackson, or Halle Berry ever endorse them.

On Facebook, I’ve found no shortage of scam pages that claimed celebrities like Sanjay Gupta endorsed CBD or keto gummies, diet pills, or supplements, and many of these pages were recently created. None of this was legitimate. Most of the pages had zero followers, which was obviously a big red flag that something was off. The pages all included links that appeared to perhaps be designed for affiliate marketing. It’s also possible that the scammers had end goals that I wasn’t aware of.

If you’ve fallen victim to a keto gummies or CBD gummies scam or fake review or bought an Amazon listing that was scammy, please let me know in the comments below. Also, feel free to ask me questions about this scam or any scam. My comments are open. Thank you for watching and feel free to hit “Like” (thumbs up) so that Google knows my video is trustworthy, and so other people, including potential victims of scams, might see what I’ve laid out here.