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 Principal Officer, Financial Institutions & Non Financial Entities- P5
 Principal Officer, Legal And Law Enforcement – P5
 PPO, Procurement – P5
 Programme Officer, Statistical Coordination And Dissemination - P3/P4
 Programme Officer Statistical Harmonization - P3/P4
 Directeur Exécutif - Agence Régionale de régulation de la concurrence de la CEDEAO, (ARREC) - D2
 PPO, Surveillance and Early Warning – P5
 Director Regional Centre for Surveillance Disease and Control (Updated)- D1
 PPO Laboratory Services - P5
 Director, Strategic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation - D1
 Program Officer (PO) Monitoring & Evaluation - P5
 PO Highway & Road Engineer - P2/P3
 Program Officer (PO), Maritime Transport - P3/P4
 Strategic Development / Analysis - P3/P4
 Strategic Planning Coordination - P3/P4
 Director Budget & Treasury - D1
 Accountant - P3/P4
 IT Officer/Webmaster - P3/P4
 Senior Research and Legal Affairs Officer - P4
 Translator English into Portuguese - P4
 Administrative Officer (P3/P4)
 Interpreter Portuguese – P5
 Reviser English To Portuguese - P5
 Courtroom Technician G4/G5/G6
 Office Manager G5/G6/G7
 Chargé(e) Principal(e) de l’information Sanitaire - P5
 Programme Officer, Mining Development
 Revisor (French)
 Interpreter (English)
 Interpreter (Portuguese)
 Revisor (Portuguese)
 Principal Programme Officer, Domestic Taxes
 Principal Programme Officer, Healthcare Delivery - P5
 Director of Planning and Health Information - D1
 Programme Officer - Promotion of Scientific Excellence and E-Learning
 PPO Strategic Partnership and Resource Mobilization - P5
 Programme Officer, Energy Access - P3/P4
 Principal Programme Officer, Health Information - P5
 Accountant (Financial Reporting & Reconciliation)
 Programme Officer – Intellectual Property – P3/P4

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