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Public enquiry stage standard harmonisation in the ECOWAS region – ECOSHAM

Date : 03 Mar 2017 - 14 Apr 2017
Venue : ECOWAS Commission,
Town : ABUJA
Country : Nigeria

By Regulation C/REG.14/12/12 adopting ECOWAS Standard Harmonisation Procedures, the ECOWAS Council of Ministers adopted the Standard Harmonisation of the ECOWAS region (ECOSHAM).

ECOSHAM is based on the African model (ASHAM), and complies with relevant ISO/IEC Directives. It also takes due account of WTO Agreements on TBT.

In that regard, the following international principles guide the ECOSHAM process:

  • Non-discrimination,
  • Transparency
  • Impartiality and Consensus,
  • Hierarchy,
  • Effectiveness and Relevance,
  • Consistency

The technical standard harmonisation process is led by National Standard Organisations (NSOs) of our fifteen Member States through six Technical Harmonisation Committees (THCs) and a Technical Management Committee (TMC) comprising fifteen NSO Heads.

The standard harmonisation process involves the eight stages below:

    1. Preliminary Stage
    2. Proposition Stage
    3. Preparatory Stage
    4. Committee Stage
  • Public Survey Stage
  1. Consultation Stage
  2. Approval/Certfication Stage
  3. Publication Stage

The purpose of the Public Survey Stage is to collect, from the largest audience possible, comments, opinions and remarks on the draft standard to be harmonised.

In this respect, it is deemed appropriate to use the Commission’s website.

We therefore would like you to send us, during the public survey stage, your comments, observations and remarks on the attached draft standards. A comment form (herewith enclosed) is provided for the purpose. Once the form is filled, please send it via email to the Secretariat of the Technical Harmonisation Committee (THC) spearheading the process; his/her email address is mentioned hereafter at the end of this text.

Consequently, in addition to the actions undertaken by each of the fifteen ECOWAS National Standard Organisations, we intend to reach the largest audience possible.

The Public Survey opened here focuses on the following five draft standards of the Technical Committee 3 (THC3) Chemical Products:

  1. Paints and Varnishes – Specification for powdered cement paint
  2. Paints and Varnishes – Specification for mineral solvents (turpentine) for paints and other purposes
  3. Paints and Varnishes – Specification for sanding sealer
  4. Paints and Varnishes – Specification for lacquer thinner
  5. Paints and Varnishes – Specification for nitrocellulose lacquer

Comments, observations and remarks should be transcribed on the forms provided herewith and sent before 14th April 2017 to the following address:


Draft ECOSTAND_276_powdered cement paint

Draft ECOSTAND_369_turpentine_1

Draft ECOSTAND_794_sanding sealer_1

Draft ECOSTAND_795_lacquer thinner_1

Draft ECOSTAND_797_nitrocellulose lacquer_1

Template for comments_DES 276

Template for comments_DES 369

Template for comments_DES 794

Template for comments_DES 795

Template for comments_DES 797

Public enquiry stage standard harmonisation in the ECOWAS region – ECOSHAM

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