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Psycho-social support Programme for populations affected by humanitarian emergencies in north-eastern Nigeria

Date : 20 Feb 2019 - 14 Mar 2019
Institution : ECOWAS Commission
Contact :

Psycho-social support Programme for populations affected by humanitarian emergencies in north-eastern Nigeria


FROM February 20, 2019

TO March 14, 2019



The ECOWAS Commission is providing small grants to Non-Governmental Organizations in North-East Nigeria to support the psycho-social recovery of victims of humanitarian crisis in that part of the country. The grants are aimed at facilitating strategic action to promote social stability by providing catalytic resources to NGOs or networks working at the community and grassroots levels.

The conflict in Nigeria’s north-east provoked by Boko Haram, has resulted in  widespread displacement, violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, protection risks and a growing humanitarian crisis.

Now in its ninth year, the humanitarian crisis in north-east Nigeria remains one of the most severe in the world: 1.6 million persons are internally displaced, human rights violations continue to be reported daily, and the food security and nutrition situation remains extremely concerning as conflict continues to limit the amount of land under cultivation and as the lean season (May through September) is about to kick off. The new Cadre Harmonisé analysis – which provides an updated understanding of the food security and nutrition situation – was issued, revealing that the number of people estimated to be facing critical and crisis food and nutrition insecurity levels in Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe stands at 2.3 million for March-May and up to 3 million projected for June-August.

Through this initiative, ECOWAS aims to support community-based strategies and interventions in North-East Nigeria to reduce or mitigate the impact of the crisis on individuals and the community by providing catalytic grants totaling $120,000 to grassroots and community-based organizations or networks.


These guidelines are intended to assist applicants through the Call for Proposals. They contain in detail the scope of potential projects, eligibility criteria, application procedure, the review and selection process as well as the monitoring, reporting, evaluation and communication requirements for the implementation of the selected projects.


Projects that demonstrate innovative and promising approaches will be selected.

The current call for proposals will open on February 20, 2019 and close on March 14, 2019. In 2018, a total amount of US$ 120,000 will be awarded to successful community based and grassroots NGOs and/or networks. Applicants may request funding up to US$20,000 for a six month project. Attention should be given to justifying the scale and duration of the proposed work relative to the grant objectives and the requirements of the proposed program of work.


Strengthening socio-economic recovery of affected populations in North East Nigeria

Psycho-social trauma recovery for children and persons with disability strengthened

Improved capacity of social workers to deliver psycho-social support to affected populations

Project proposals should address at least one of the three outcome areas but do not necessarily have to address all three as outlined:

Priority areas of work include:

  • Increasing capacity to enhance the potential of beneficiaries to succeed in their business endeavors
  • Increasing access of children and persons with disability to psycho-social support
  • Strengthening the capacity of coalitions and networks of social workers to amplify their collective voices in national, sub-regional and regional fora.

Expected results/outcomes:

  • Improved socio-economic recovery of affected populations
  • Increased access of vulnerable groups (especially widows, children and persons with disability) to psycho-social support
  • Strengthened capacity of social workers strengthened to support affected populations in North East Nigeria


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