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Intership Immersion of Young Graduates In The Programs of Ecowas

Date : 21 Aug 2021 - 03 Sep 2021
Venue : Abuja, Nigeria,
Town : Abuja
Country : Nigeria


ECOWAS 2021 internship call form

T0R Intership-Eng-final 2021


For any further information or to apply, please write to the following address:


   Call for applications form

  • The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) launches the immersion internship program for young graduates in ECOWAS institutions.
  • The program is open to young graduates from the fifteen ECOWAS Member States, aged 30 years or less.


  • Overall objective:
  • Contribute to the professional integration of young graduates, by offering them the opportunity to get to know ECOWAS programs better, at the same time for the Interns to offer their contribution for efficiency in overall program implementation.


  • Specific objectives:
  • Offer the possibility of an immersion (internship) in the services of the regional institution (Institutions, Agencies, Departments, Resident Representations);
  • Create a framework that allows young graduates to contribute to the implementation of major ECOWAS programs within Departments, Agencies, Representations and Institutions.


  • Young people acquire professionalizing experience through their immersion in ECOWAS programs, essential for their career;
  • Young graduates contribute to the implementation of ECOWAS programs.



  • Young graduates from ECOWAS Member States, with 30 years old maximum.
  • Be a citizen of an ECOWAS Member States;
  • Be a student or hold a Certificate, at the Bachelor (Bsc), Master, PhD or equivalent certificate;
  • Submit:
  • a request to the ECOWAS Commissioner in charge of Education, Science and Culture which describes the motivation of the candidate with expression of his centers of interest, as well as the candidate’s commitment to respect the terms and conditions of the internship;
  • a Curriculum vitae;
  • a copy of the birth certificate;
  • a copy of the academic certificate or its equivalent;


  • Internship positions are defined with the Departments and reception structures before each Program, which allows the candidate to apply according to the need expressed by these structures;
  • 60 internship positions are expressed for the year 2021 according to the attached list.
  • The selection is to be done by a Technical Selection Committee of the ECOWAS Commission under the coordination of the Department of Education, Science and Culture;
  • Only the selected candidates are contacted for the rest of the process.



  • • All internship conditions are defined in the Terms of Reference attached to this call.


  • The Immersion Program for young graduates in ECOWAS programs lasts one year over a period of 12 months maximum {Not renewable};
  • The Program is carried out in the Departments, Agencies, Representations and Institutions of ECOWAS, or any other place duly designated by ECOWAS;
  • The young graduate benefiting from the Program produces a report at the end of the internship in three copies, one copy being sent to the ESC Department, another copy to the user department and the last copy for the intern in person;
  • The practical modalities of the course will be defined in connection with the reception department;
  • The intern is required (mandatory) to participate in person or online (for those not residing in Abuja) in any information or internship feedback meeting convened by the Program Coordination.


  • Coordination of the internship program is carried out by the Education, Science and Culture Department of ECOWAS.

NB: Please read the attached terms of reference and the internship position list in full. The terms of reference give more details on the internship conditions and the list of specifies the need for the position expressed, the place of the internship and the level of the certificate required.


  • Publication date: August 20, 2021
  • Closing date of the call: September 3, 2021


NB: An internship candidate is not allowed to apply in more than 2 positions.


Attached documents:

-Terms of reference

For any further information or to apply, please write to the following address:







Department Education, Sciences and Culture







List of needs

Institution Structure d’accueil Profil demandé Nombre Lieu du stage Observations
West African Heath Organisation (WAHO)
1. West African Heath Organisation (WAHO)




Communication and institutional branding 1 Bobo-Dioulasso

(Burkina Faso)

Master Degrees
2. Monotoring and Evaluation 1 Bobo-Dioulasso

(Burkina Faso)

Master Degrees
3. Administration and finance 2 Bobo-Dioulasso

(Burkina Faso)

Master Degrees
4. Surveillance/Epidemiology/Public Health 1 Bobo-Dioulasso

(Burkina Faso)

Master Degrees
Auditor General
5. Office of the Auditor General Accounting 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees
6. Auditing 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees
7. Business Administration 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees



ECOWAS Commission
8. Département Trade, Customs & Free Movement of Persons ECOWAS Regional Competition Authority (ERCA) IT 1 Banjul (Gambie) computer science degree
9. Human Resources 1 Banjul (Gambie) Master Degrees
10. Finance/ accounting 1 Banjul (Gambie) Master Degrees
11. office of the vice-president Office of Vice-president Development Economist or MBA 1 Abuja (Nigéria) MBA
12. Digital ICT specialist 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees
13. PCD  Bilingual administrative assistance 1 Abuja (Nigéria) BAC + 2/3/ Bachelor)
14. Office of the President ECOWAS permanent representation/Côte d’Ivoire Political Sciences 1 Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) Master (Political science, international relations)
15. Accounting 1 Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) Master Degrees
16. ECOWAS permanent representation/Mali Accounting 1 Bamako (Mali) Master Degrees
17. ECOWAS permanent representation/Guinee-Bissau French-Portuguese translation 1 Bissau ( Guinée-Bissau) Bachelor
18. Press Relation Communication 1 Bissau ( Guinée-Bissau) Master Degrees
19. ECOWAS permanent representation/Niger Accounting and finance 1 Niamey (Niger) Master Degrees
20. Secretarial assistance 1 Niamey (Niger) BAC + 2/3 Bachelor)
21. ECOWAS permanent representation/ Liberia Monitoring and Evaluation 1 Monrovia (Liberia) Master (This person should have the training and some experience in developing, implementing, and monitoring projects relating to political governance, human rights, peace, and security).
22. Political and Security Analysis 1 Monrovia (Liberia) Master (This person should have training or background in political science, security studies, peacebuilding, and conflict resolution or similar)
23. Directorate of Communication Information and Communication 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master (Drafting press releases

Covering internal meetings under the supervision of the PPO Information and Communication)


Directorate of External relations

Management 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master with a good level in ICT and experience in Diplomacy or Marketing)
25. Economic science 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s degree with a good level in data management and experience in Cooperation and Human Development
26. Directorate of Legal Affairs Bilingual secretariat 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Bachelor, Speaks English and French
27. Lawyers 2 Abuja (Nigéria) Master with experience in the follow-up of administrative and legal files
28. Department of Finance Department of Finance Financial Reporting 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees
29. Regularisation 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees
30. Electronic Archiving & Documentation 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master Degrees
31. Departement

Agriculture, Environment & Water Resources

Water resources center IT Technical Assistance 1 Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) Bachelor in Computer Science any specialty with work experience
32. Engineering in Water Resources Management 1 Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) Master II with good knowledge and work experience in IWRM with the impact of climate change on water resources. Bilingual with French as dominant desired

Regional Animal Health Center (RAHC)


IT Support 1 Bamako (Mali) (Master in Computer Sciences): Responsible of the front-end of the system; Provide necessary training and support to end-user; Compile end user experiences to allow the customisation of the system to deliver better performance; Detect unknown bugs
34. Fisheries Health Officer 1 Bamako (Mali) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Bachelors in Fisheries Health): Support formulation of Fisheries Disease Management strategy
35. Directorate of Agriculture & Rural Development Agronomiy or AgriEconomy 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master degree Bllingual with English as dominant
36. Zootechnics (livestock) 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master degree.  Billingual with French as dominant
37. Directorate of Environment and Natural Resources environmental science/ Chemicals and Waste 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
38. Climate change & climate Service 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
39. Departement Education, Science and Culture Education and Training Division


Educational science 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master, Bilingual (french-english)
40. Technical and vocational training 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
41. Scientific Research and Innovation Division


Project management 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
42. Space science 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
43. Arts and Culture Division Project management 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master (Bilingual with experience in the culture sector)
44. Cultural industries 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
45. Department of Gender Promotion and Human and Social Development Humanitarian Affairs Geographic Information Science (GIS) 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master (Mapping and Map reading)
46. Social Affairs Humanities, Social Sciences, Law and Migration Studies 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
47. Gender Development Center Monitoring-evaluation and project management 1 Dakar (Senegal) Master’s Degree
48. Administration and Finance 1 Dakar (Senegal) Master’s Degree
49. Industry and Private Sector Promotion Department Industry and Private Sector Promotion Department Industry 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
50. Quality / Standardization 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
51. Departement Human resources Departement Human resources HR COMMUNICATION AND VISIBILITY INTERN 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master degree preferably in Human Resources, Communication, Media studies, Journalism, Development studies, International relations, Public relations or related field is required.


52. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Masters Degree in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Organizational Psychology, Training and Development degrees
53. Department of General Administration and Conference Department of General Administration and Conference Project Management or Business Administration 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
54. Transport Logistics 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
55. Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security Political affairs


Political Science 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
56. Conflicts Prevention 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
57. Maintaining Regional Peace and Security Counter Terrorism Officier 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Master’s Degree
58. Peace Fund Administrative assistance 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Bachelor
59. Standby force Administrative assistance 1 Abuja (Nigéria) Bachelor




  • NB: Any student who benefits from another support system or scholarship will be replaced by one on the waiting list. No cumulation.
  • Students who have already benefited from the Young Graduates Internship Program in ECOWAS Institutions are no longer eligible;
  • The students will do their internship in the structures mentioned above, with the preparation of a technical report.



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