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ECOWAS statement on the ongoing political dialogue process in Guinea Bissau for the implementation of the recently adopted six-point agenda
In keeping with the conclusions of the high-level mediation mission to Guinea Bissau on 10 September 2016, led by His Excellency  Prof. Alpha CONDE, President of the Republic of Guinea and ECOWAS  Mediator, accompanied by His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai KOROMA, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, a political dialogue is currently underway in Conakry, Guinea, under the aegis of the ECOWAS Mediator to  implement the six (6)-point roadmap for the resolution of the political crisis adopted by all stakeholders.

ECOWAS appeals to all stakeholders in the ongoing discussions, to use this opportunity to put an end to the institutional impasse affecting the country, in the best interest of the people of Guinea Bissau. It reiterates the urgent and pressing need to conclude a lasting agreement to ensure the stability of Guinea Bissau.

ECOWAS reaffirms its support for the implementation of the six (6)-point agenda to steer the country along a path to social cohesion and  gradual eradication of poverty.




Done at Conakry, Guinea, this 13th day of  October 2016.

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