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ECOWAS Launches Human Capital and Travel Management Systems

In continuation of its drive for best practices in the utilization of its human and capital resources, ECOWAS has launched the Human Capital Management (HCM) and Travel Management (AVM) systems on the 16th of January 2017.

The Go Live of the modules would impact directly on all staff of the ECOWAS Institutions superintending the interface between them, their managers, Human Resources Department as well as the Department of General Administration, conference and Protocol.

Being more effective, user friendly and part the efforts to modernise the tools and human resources management system of ECOWAS, the newly launched HCM and AVM of System Applications and Products (SAP), replaces all existing manual processes at both the ECOWAS Commission and Institutions.

Launching the modules at the ECOWAS Commission main hall, the Vice president of the ECOWAS Commission Edward Singhatey disclosed that the desire to keep to the best international standards as well as the concerns raised by donors and development partners led to the present situation where a complete modernisation of the reporting systems of the institutions has to be actualised.

He said only compliance to the regulations guiding the modules, can bring about the enhancement of integrated management system while a full impact is expected to be made on the financial reporting system of ECOWAS as well as the quality of its programme delivery.

While restating the position that ECOWAS is fully committed to the projects and would sustain the momentum, Vice President Singhatey expressed the hope that staff will make good use of the systems being put in place to enhance their productivity and in order to justify the huge investment on it.

The ECOWAS Commission’s Commissioner for Human Resources, Mr. Joao Silva Monteiro described the coming on board of the modules as something more than an evolution and as “a revolution in the management and care of the needs of Community staff”

The Commissioner told the audience made up of staff, ECOWAS senior officials and technical partners at a packed hall, that beyond modernising the ECOWAS rules and procedures as well as improving the efficiency and transparency of its human resources management, it was necessary to also “conform our tools and our system to the best international standards”


Maintaining that a system is only sustained by the people who animate it, Commissioner Monteiro appealed to all strata of staff to comply with the rules and follow the procedures stipulated in the implementation of the systems since the ECOWAS management is committed to ensuring that this new system Works and is used by all. He thanked the European Union (EU) and the ECOWAS development partners for their financial support in the realisation of the projects.

Earlier, the ECOWAS Commissioner for Telecommunication and Information Technology Dr. Isaias Barreto Olimpio Da Rosa noted that Information Technology plays a key role in the realisation of the objectives of ECOWAS which borders on integration, economic development peace and stability among others.

He said what has been put in place affects all staff and institutions of ECOWAS, leaving no one behind. Staff can now apply for any service and also follow up on same. He however stressed that ECOWAS cannot fully benefit from its programmes without putting in place a holistic system that allows an interface of creativity and effectiveness

The commissioner identified automation and working environment as critical aspects that must be dealt with for the implementation of the HCM and AVM. He disclosed that owing to the need to embrace change, there would be training and retraining of staff through refresher courses in this regard while ECOWAS needs to secure power and internet as a way of protecting its investments on the modules.

ECOWAS has since 2014 embarked on the necessary reforms for effective financial and management reporting lines having earlier launched two other SAP modules on Material Management (MM) as well as Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO).

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